Maria Moore

Maria Moore

Social Worker
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What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

"As a proud member of the Afrikaan Descendants community, I am committed to honoring our ancestral legacy. NACDAfrica Agenda Implementation's efforts to immortalize ourselves for future generations through awards recognition, tree planting parks, and ancestral heritages are truly inspiring. I am honored to support their work and help preserve our heritage for future generations." - David Brown, Executive Director of JKL Foundation.

"NACDAfrica Agenda Implementation's mission to promote cooperative democracy and unity among Afrikaan Descendants Worldwide is truly commendable. I am proud to support their efforts, and I believe that their work will have a positive impact on our community for generations to come." - Sarah Lee, President of GHI LLC.

"As a member of the Afrikaan Descendants community, I understand the importance of preserving our rich heritage for future generations. That is why I am proud to support NACDAfrica Agenda Implementation and their efforts to establish a repository for our ancestral assets. Their dedication to this cause is truly admirable."  - Jane Smith, Founder of XYZ Inc.

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