NACDAfrica is a sub-division of the Ekoate Afrikaan Empire Afro-World, established with the aim of activating critical components of AADW Objectives in the Constitution approved by the Corporate Affairs Commission as amended in 2021. The organization is focused on bringing positive change and development in Africa through the implementation of the NACDAfrica Agenda.

The NACDAfrica Agenda is divided into two main sections: Africa Civilization and Africa Development. It comprises of AC Lot 1-5 components, which are designed to bring about sustainable development in the African community.

The first component, Afritocracy, is a cooperative democracy for Afrikaan descendants worldwide and international diplomacy for NACDAfrica Agenda implementation. The second component, Heritage, aims to preserve ancestral assets held by Afrikaan descendants worldwide for future generations through electronic storage in the Bank for Arts and Cultures. The third component, TrustFund, is a collection of contributions made by Afrikaan descendants worldwide to support the upbuilding of Africa, either in the form of monetary or non-monetary values. The fourth component, Monuments, is a new way for Afrikaan descendants worldwide to immortalize themselves for future generations through recognition awards, tree planting parks, and ancestral heritages. The fifth component, Public Affairs, focuses on integration and cooperation between AADW, partners, and the general public, to bring awareness to the NACDAfrica Agenda and engage with the public.

The activities of NACDAfrica are open to the global community and include public engagement, conferences, exhibitions, and other events. The organization is also working to establish chapters outside the NACDAfrica headquarters and associated organizations under the brand Ekoate Afrikaan Empire Afro-World.

As a sponsor, you will play a critical role in helping NACDAfrica achieve its mission and make a positive impact in the African community. Your support will help the organization to continue its work and bring awareness to the NACDAfrica Agenda.

If you would like to learn more about NACDAfrica and how you can help, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Join us in making a positive impact in the African community. Together, we can help bring about sustainable development and a brighter future for Africa.



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