The African Story: The Lost Glory and the Years of Slavery

Africa has a rich and diverse history, but unfortunately, much of its glory has been lost over the years. The African continent has suffered greatly due to centuries of slavery, colonization, and exploitation. The effects of these injustices have had a profound impact on the African people, their culture, and their heritage.

The Years of Slavery

One of the greatest injustices inflicted upon the African people was slavery. For centuries, Africans were forcibly taken from their homes and shipped across the ocean to work as slaves in the Americas. This brutal trade in human lives lasted for several hundred years and caused immeasurable harm to the African people and their communities. The legacy of slavery continues to be felt in Africa today, as many African communities are still struggling to overcome the effects of this dark period in their history.

Lost Glory and Culture

In addition to the years of slavery, the African continent has also suffered from colonization and exploitation. European colonizers took control of much of Africa and imposed their own systems and cultures on the African people. As a result, much of the African people’s heritage and culture has been lost or suppressed. Many of Africa’s indigenous languages and cultures have been forgotten or are in danger of disappearing.

The New Afrikaan Civilization and Development Agenda for Africa (NACDAfrica)

In an effort to restore the African story and its lost glory, NACDAfrica was established. NACDAfrica is a think-tank group with the aim of implementing a new Afrikaan civilization and development agenda for Africa. The organization has a number of objectives, including the preservation of the African heritage and culture, the establishment of a TrustFund for collective contributions, the creation of monuments and awards for future generations, and public engagement and cooperation between different organizations.

NACDAfrica’s “Below the Knee Initiative” is dedicated to activating critical components of its objectives, including Afritocracy, Heritage, TrustFund, Monuments, and Public Affairs. The organization is working to preserve the ancestral assets of Afrikaan descendants worldwide, provide a repository for future generations, and engage with the public to support the NACDAfrica Agenda Implementation.


NACDAfrica is working tirelessly to restore the African story and its lost glory. The organization is dedicated to preserving the African heritage and culture, and ensuring that the legacy of the African people is remembered for generations to come. NACDAfrica is also working to help heal the wounds of the past, by implementing new and innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by the African people. With its focus on Afritocracy, Heritage, TrustFund, Monuments, and Public Affairs, NACDAfrica is well on its way to helping restore the African story and its lost glory.

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