Announcement: New Monthly Meetings Location – Supreme Chancery Council Meetings

Starting on May 18, 2024, all Supreme Chancery Council meetings will take place in the City of Igbochi, moving from their previous location in Lokoja.

This change reflects the Council’s commitment to centralizing operations and fostering growth within the NACDAfrica community.

All NACDAfrica County Executives are required to attend the meetings to discuss ongoing projects, their implementation, and other related matters. Additionally, Gaddaya are expected to attend as observers and counselors, while City Council Development Executives and Ministers are also encouraged to participate. Merchants officials are invited to join as designates.

The shift in meeting location aims to strengthen bonds and support the NACDAfrica Agenda for the Below the Knee Initiative. Dates for future meetings and associated events will be announced during the commissioning of City of Igbochi’s key developments, including Technology Village Ojuwo Ajigegwu and MarketPort Obagwu infrastructure projects.

Stay informed and connected as we work together towards a brighter future.

Association of Afrikaan Descendants Worldwide

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