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In simple terms: Afritocracy is a decision making process that is collectively owned by the people in any NACDAfrica Affricative Model Villages in Africa in the upbuilding of the New Afrikaan Civilization and Development Agenda for their participating communities.
The political democracy and economic democracy starts with the people first, the 13 Man Caretaker Committee whose duty is to coordinate the 13 Lots in participating communities under the supervisor of the Chancellor who is the head of the participating community assisted by the Juror and Bailiff.
The NACDAfrica Afritocracy Parliament is a forum of intersection for the Participating Communities in the approved kingdom to come together monthly to discuss at the District Chapter of the Association of Afrikaan Descendants Worldwide on the collective interest of the people in the NACDAfrica Agenda implementation wherein the Community Leader and District Chancellor as well as other Speakers are fully present to receive reports monthly from Participating Communities in the kingdom as part of upbuilding process for Africa.
Election into higher cadres from the district chapter to Local and Sub-National to National Chapter levels are administered through the NACDAfrica Afritocracy Parliament in the approved NACDAfrica Affricative Model Villages in Africa by Association of Afrikaan Descendants Worldwide in line with Ekoate Afrikaan Empire Afro-World protocol and directions blueprint.
Every person that subscribe to the process must contribute at least N250 or $10 monthly to Afrikaan Descendants TrustFund initiative managed by United Capital Trustees Limited Nigeria on behalf of Association of Afrikaan Descendants Worldwide where a Joint Management Committee headed by Royal Afritocracy Emperor Abbaa Nten to meet quarterly to approve project funding for the 13 Lots in the NACDAfrica Agenda implementation for participating communities as approved by NACDAfrica Afritocracy Parliament.
Afritocracy is a paradigm shift for the democracy improperly adopted by African society for a 4P ideology which is the People, Public, Private Participation in a Cooperative Democratic structure designed by Association of Afrikaan Descendants Worldwide.
Africans worldwide are enjoined to invest in the EAE Megacommunity Development projects in the kingdom to boost Urban-Rural Migration Programme to free the urban of crimes, underemployment and unemployment into productive rural based development within the proposed 1200 NACDAfrica Affricative Model Villages in Africa.
The World Leader, Association of Afrikaan Descendants Worldwide Pharaoh Odiba, Hjalfdar Ummu Edonite would be available to guide interested Community Leaders in setting up protocol for integration and cooperation towards upbuilding process for participating communities in their Kingdom most especially where it’s an underserved communities below 500 households within each community.
For details,write to
Ekoate Afrikaan Empire Afro-World.
+2349061160813, +2348137028635

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